Stars and Stripes

At my daughter’s last concert at Mirror Lake Middle School, Travis Harrington invited parents to come up onto the stage and join their kids in a rousing rendition of Stars and Stripes. For my husband, Chris, a band teacher himself and a professional bone player, this sounded like fun. For me, who hadn’t played the flute in years, Stars and Stripes was a tough cookie to break. Here’s the video of that performance. The tall, hairy trombone player in the back wearing a blue shirt is my husband, Christopher Poole.


About Annette Drake

For me, a great book is about the people who live in it. So when my characters talk, I eavesdrop and write down what they say. My three favorite words: what happens next. I make my home in Washington state. A member of Romance Writers of America, I love ferry rides, basset hounds and bakeries. I do not camp.
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2 Responses to Stars and Stripes

  1. Chris says:

    I’m only “tall” because I’m surrounded by middle school kids.


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