A Year with Geno

Coming June 21st!

Single-mom Caroline Taylor wants nothing more than to make a home for her two young sons in Eagle River, Alaska. The only problem: an eviction notice.

When the perfect rental falls through, again, she and her boys move in with single-dad Geno Moretti and his two teen-age boys. It’s only for a year, so she can polish her credit rating and save a down payment for her own home. It’s a perfect plan.

But maybe it’s not so perfect. When Geno stands up to Caroline’s bully of an ex-husband, he retaliates by suing for full custody. Then Geno’s ex-wife, spurned by her fiancé, moves back in. She wants Caroline out. Now.

Mount Baldy

Mount Baldy overlooks the small community of Eagle River, Alaska. It’s a favorite hike of local residents and the setting for a pivotal scene in the novel.

The tiny spark of passion between Caroline and Geno sputters and dies. Or does it? Maybe they had no chance with the chaos from their pasts eclipsing their future. So why does Caroline haunt Geno’s dreams? And why does Caroline look forward to sharing all the details of her day with Geno every evening?

One thing’s for sure: it’s gonna be a hell of a year!

A Year with Geno by Annette Drake

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