Author spotlight: Madison Johns

Welcome mystery and romance author, Madison Johns.Madison Johns

Why do you write fiction?

I’ve had voices in my head my entire life, and it seems natural for me. I jokingly say that I can’t believe I get paid to make stuff up. I enjoy living through the lives of my characters. Since I also write mystery, fiction is essential.

Please tell us about your book. What ideas or images inspired this novel?

Redneck Romance features city girl Kelly Gray who comes to the mountains of North Carolina to take fall pictures. When she runs out of gas, she hires a locale redneck Jimmy Bob Willows as a guide. It’s a romantic comedy with laugh out loud scenes. They learn about each others culture, which is quite a shock to both of them. Redneck Romance was really inspired when I was dating a man from North Carolina. We also had those differences. It was fun poking fun at one another.

Do you have an ideal reader in mind when you write? If so, please describe that reader.

I really don’t delve too deeply into that, but I try to create a story that everyone will love from young to old. My mystery books are more geared for the Baby Boomer population.

Please describe your writing routine.

I usually write from midnight to three in the morning. I have two children and that’s the only time I have peace and quiet. I’ve come to realize that is the time I’m most inspired to write.

What advice do you give new writers just starting out?

Keep writing and learning. Don’t expect to have it right with your first story. Write a little about what you know because it brings more realism into your story. Read tons of blogs, talk about writing on Facebook and Twitter before you ever try to publish a book. When you ask for advice, be willing to learn from what they have to say. Do your market research. It helps you figure out where your stories might fit in. Write what you love, not what’s in now. Believe me. When you love what you write, it shows.

More about Redneck Romance:

Twenty-year-old Kelly Gray arrives in the mountainous area of North Carolina, deep in Redneck land, intent on journeying into the Joyce Kilmer Wilderness to take fall pictures, which she hopes to sell to National Geographic. That is until she runs out of gas and needs to enlist the help of Jimmy Bob Willows, a redneck with sexy blue eyes. While he fills her tank with gas, she throws caution to the wind and hires him as a guide, ignoring the fact of how dangerous it may be. Hiring a man whom she doesn’t even know, a man who insists on calling her, City.

ExperieRedneck Romancenced mountain man Jimmy Bob Willows leads the inexperienced Kelly into the mountains, teaching her how to survive in the wilderness. This is a new experience for Kelly as she has never been out from under her mother’s thumb before, but she embraces what Jimmy Bob is teaching her, and for once in her life, she’s on a real adventure, one that results in Jimmy Bob saving Kelly from a copperhead snake and moonshiners!

Kelly fights the growing attraction between them, but will it be a losing battle?

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One Response to Author spotlight: Madison Johns

  1. Hi Madison,
    nice to meet you here on Annette’s blog. I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I did.


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